Cultural Exchange

We are participating in a cultural exchange sponsored by Little Red Farm. The exchange is a great way to introduce the kids to other cultures and also learn a little bit of Geography. We sent packages to Australia, South Africa, and to Iowa, USA. Below is a picture of things we included in the package. I might post a detailed description of it later, once the exchange is over.

My kids got really excited when we received our first package from Australia!

They opened the package and here is what they saw:

A boomerang magnet,

Australian chocolate and, below, a small Australian rodent (I’m still trying to figure out what animal this is);

We also got a book, coloring pages, a pencil, some brochures, flag stickers, an animal mask, and a letter with more information about Australia.

What a nice way to get in touch with people from all over the world! It was a really worthy experience for all of us. We are still waiting to receive the other packages, and I’ll certainly post about them also. If you would like to join the cultural exchange, I believe you can still sign up. Just click on the Little Red Farm link above for more information.

An update on our cultural exchange

Unfortunately, we only received this package from Australia. We never heard back from the family from South Africa, and the US family emailed me back saying they were sending the package within the next few days, but they never did. So, keep in mind that not everyone who decides to participate in this exchange honors their word. That’s a risk you’ll have to take. I wish you good luck!



  1. What a great package you sent!
    I’m not sure about the rodent but it’s much cuter than the rodents we have in France, that’s for sure!
    I’ve linked your post to my facebook page. ­čÖé

  2. Hi we are taking part in the exchange too.
    By the way it’s not a Australian rodant, it’s a wombat.

  3. Hi! I am here via Little Red Farm and also representing CA! It is fun to see what you sent! I don’t have a blog so no photo to share but we sent Jelly Bellies (heavy!) and Mexican candy and tiny plastic skateboards and In N Out hats to the other US people (not enough for everyone.) Plus Halloween treats. We live in Orange County.

  4. WOW! I live in Costa Mesa too!!!! What are the chances of that?! We go the the OC Homeschool (Yahoo group) park day at Balearic Park Wed mornings. I will go this morning if it doesn’t rain and then we’ll be out of town the next 2 weeks. If you haven’t you should join at least online! We have a lot of kids in your kids’ range. We have small group field trips most Tuesdays. The 5th one of us just signed up for the exchange–did someone local tell you about it? We are using River Springs charter next year because we live so close and my daughter (5 in May) want to try classes. I’d love to meet you guys sometime!

  5. I’ll check the group online and perhaps I can stop by Balearic Park Wednesday morning, in a couple of weeks. We’ll be very happy to meet you too!

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