Silkworm moths

This week all the silkworms, except one, came out of their cocoons. They’ve been mating and laying hundreds of eggs since then. We’ve been watching them in wonder…

Since their life span is really short, they really don’t waste any time… As soon as they get out of their cocoons, they look for their mate.

The moths are born without a mouth, so they die within a week.

It takes about ten days for the eggs to hatch. We are planning on keeping some eggs and observe the silkworm life cycle once more, now from its earliest stage.

Also, this time around, we’ll try unwinding the cocoons to make some silk threads. We’ll see how far we can go with that…

The worse part of raising silkworms, in my opinion, is having to drive to the park to harvest the leaves. For us, it is a half hour drive. Nevertheless, the Irvine Regional Park is very beautiful and worth the visit. My kids enjoy their zoo and the train ride, and they spend a lot of time running around and exercising.

Well, I think it is great that Dani and Nico still show interest in the silkworms. Dani even told me she can’t wait to hold them again. They definitely enjoy having silkworms as a pet.

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  1. Nay..fico encantada com a maneira didática e prazerosa que educa suas filhos.
    Como eles estão grande!!!
    Beijos para voces!!

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