Hi, I’m Naynara! I’m originally from Brazil. I live in Southern California with my Norwegian husband of 13 years and my two kiddos. I began homeschooling my son Nicolas a couple of years ago, when he entered 1st grade. (He attended Montessori school up to Kindergarten). I also began homeschooling my 3 year old, Danielle. Homeschooling has certainly been an adventure with many ups and downs… Nevertheless, there are many cherished moments that I wish I’ll never forget. And those moments kind of make up for everything else… the lack of sleep, the lack of time for myself, and the general mess that ends up being the result of a very busy working day.  As you will see in these pages, homeschooling is a labor of love and a path full of joy. The joy comes from spending time with the kids and watching them grow. I hope you stop by often to see what we are up to. And, please don’t forget to leave me your feedback and share with me your ideas. I really appreciate hearing from you!


Dani is my fun, loving 3 year old daughter. She likes to spend time outdoors, picking up flowers, and playing with her friends… Doing crafts and learning her “letters and numbers” are some other favorite activities. She also loves to hang around with her best friend, Nico, her big brother.



Nico, 8, is my super active, energetic, sports loving young boy. You will always spot him holding some type of sports gear (he would be playing all day long if I would let him to…) He likes science, math, riddles and spending time with family and friends.


This is Biorn, my cool, ever-present husband who is always around when we need him. He loves to cook and is always entertaining. You won’t hear much about him in this blog since he prefers to play the role of the Invisible Man whenever he can. But, I’ve got a picture of him, for the record…

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