Ninja party

Nico has been practicing Karate for a year and, as a result, has become very much fond of the Japanese culture. This year, for his birthday, he decided he wanted a party with a ninja theme. So I looked online for a few simple ideas to give the party a little bit of an Asian flair. You don’t find many birthday ideas for this type of party online, but I did find a couple of websites with some very cool decorations. Since my time was limited, I just used a couple of their projects. Below, Dan is making “sushi” with rice krispie and fruit rolls, as seen on this website.

This project was so much fun! She did a great job assembling the “sushi” and, once she was done, she placed them neatly on the tray. The kids at the party ate these treats with a super ninja lightning speed…

I found the templates for the water bottle labels over here. The cake and cupcakes were ordered from our local bakery. I just added the figures and some candy on top of the cupcakes.

The mandarin oranges were just a natural, colorful, and delicious addition to the table. In the Chinese culture, they are traditional symbols of abundance and good fortune.

As a party favor, I made some headbands and stamped them with acrylic paint in Japanese motifs.

The girls had the option of painting the flowers with fabric markers and adding other design elements to it. Some decided to make their own design altogether using a blank headband.

The party was fun and Nico had a great time. He absolutely loves having the family and friends over to celebrate his birthday.