Silkworm life cycle

A friend of ours from the 4H Club gave us some silkworms to raise. I had never seen a silkworm before and the only information our friend gave us was that they eat mulberry leaves. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a mulberry tree, and I doubted I would find any… Continue reading Silkworm life cycle

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Greetings from California!

The cultural exchange sponsored by the Little Red Farm is still going on and we are still waiting for two more packages to come. Nevertheless, I decided to post some more details about the packages we’ve sent. Rachael, from the Little Red Farm, asked people from the US to focus on the state we are… Continue reading Greetings from California!

Cultural Exchange

We are participating in a cultural exchange sponsored by Little Red Farm. The exchange is a great way to introduce the kids to other cultures and also┬álearn a little bit of Geography. We sent packages to Australia, South Africa, and to Iowa, USA. Below is a picture of things we included in the package. I… Continue reading Cultural Exchange