Birthday party

Dani’s birthday party was last Saturday. It was quite a warm day, and we had to keep the AC on all the time. The kids spent lots of time in the bouncy house, and in and out of the house, up and down the stairs. They were all very sweaty and thirsty. I set up a food table for them, and they were able to serve themselves of  berries and other snacks.

We didn’t really have a theme for the party (Dani vaguely mentioned flowers and dogs.)

So, I placed some dog squinkies in her cupcakes, and bought her a dog stamped tee. I also decorated the cupcakes with flower-shaped lollipops. In fact, that was the first time I ventured making cupcakes for a birthday party. They turned out very cute and were a big success with the kids.

I also ordered a small cake with a number four written on it. I placed the candles on top of the number. The cake looked good, and it tasted good also.

Dani felt a little bit intimidated to have to blow so many candles, though. So she ended up getting help from some of the kids.


My husband took care of the food: barbecued chicken, burgers, hot dogs and garlic bread. We also served scalloped potatoes, texan style beans and fruit salad.

Overall, everybody had fun at the party, specially Dani. She even learned to wait to open her gifts…

After the party, we shared some relaxing moments outdoors, at the front yard.

She changed her clothing for the ones cousins Jim and Tove gave her for her birthday.

Nic got a glider as a party favor…

And I enjoyed the sun before it set…

That was it for Dani’s 4th birthday party. She is growing so big, so fast! God bless you my cute little girl.



Birthday countdown

Dani is turning four in a few days and I took the opportunity to make her a birthday countdown. I saw this egg carton countdown at Family Fun. I placed a couple of jellybeans inside each egg pocket. I felt a little guilty for giving her candy, but I didn’t have time to look for something else. She absolutely understood the purpose of the countdown and was delighted about getting candy. Just look at her face!

From seed to flower…

Last spring Dani and Nico planted some seeds.

The seeds grew into seedlings and we found a nice spot for them  in our backyard. As they grew into plants, the kids observed their growth.

Below, Dani is standing against one of the plants, just realizing it’s now taller than she is.

Wow, it’s much taller now!

A few days later, the plants were about 7 feet tall and the flowers began to bloom.

And after we got to see this beautiful flower unfolding in our own backyard, we decided to make our own.

Here is Dani holding her craft sunflower she cut from a paper plate.

Planting sunflowers was indeed a very engaging activity and a great lesson on plant growth. I intend to follow up with a lesson on the sunflower life cycle.