Birthday party

Dani’s birthday party was last Saturday. It was quite a warm day, and we had to keep the AC on all the time. The kids spent lots of time in the bouncy house, and in and out of the house, up and down the stairs. They were all very sweaty and thirsty. I set up a… Continue reading Birthday party

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Birthday countdown

Dani is turning four in a few days and I took the opportunity to make her a birthday countdown. I saw this egg carton countdown at Family Fun. I placed a couple of jellybeans inside each egg pocket. I felt a little guilty for giving her candy, but I didn’t have time to look for… Continue reading Birthday countdown

From seed to flower…

Last spring Dani and Nico planted some seeds. The seeds grew into seedlings and we found a nice spot for them  in our backyard. As they grew into plants, the kids observed their growth. Below, Dani is standing against one of the plants, just realizing it’s now taller than she is. Wow, it’s much taller now!… Continue reading From seed to flower…