Stone Soup

Our school year has started at quite a slow pace. Last week we even took the time to make “stone soup.” In fact, our stone soup had no stones at all, but lots of fresh vegetables. It just so happened that we read the book Stone Soup during circle time, and Nic got really excited about the… Continue reading Stone Soup

Adventure Playground

Last week we went to a place called Adventure Playground. This is a place where city dwelling kids have the opportunity to play with mud and get really dirty. They also play engineering and use their creativity to build structures out of lumber and old tires. Nico had so much fun building, rafting and going down the… Continue reading Adventure Playground

Messy science

It was a beautiful, warm, spring day here in California, and I decided to let the kiddos have some fun outdoors. After playing briefly with some water balloons, they got to work in this very practical and sensorial activity. They began their experiments with some shaving cream …   Then, they began mixing different things:… Continue reading Messy science