Birthday countdown

Dani is turning four in a few days and I took the opportunity to make her a birthday countdown. I saw this egg carton countdown at Family Fun. I placed a couple of jellybeans inside each egg pocket. I felt a little guilty for giving her candy, but I didn’t have time to look for… Continue reading Birthday countdown

Birds and butterflies

A few craft activities we’ve done this spring: The simple clothespin and coffee filter butterflies… and the same craft with a new twist.   Nico decided to make a bird instead. ¬†Aren’t they cute?   We ended up turning them into a birds and butterflies mobile. It is hanging in our classroom. We’ve been watching… Continue reading Birds and butterflies

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Learning about birds

We have a couple of house finches who built a nest right above our kitchen window. We’ve been watching them since, and I took the chance to talk to Dani about birds. I got this idea of building a bird nest using a lunch paper bag from Family Fun magazine. It ended up being a… Continue reading Learning about birds