Brazil’s Independence Day

September 7th was Brazil’s independence day and we celebrated by coloring the Brazilian flag and watching videos of the independence day celebrations in Brazil. We also watched a music clip with the “Esquadrilha da Fumaça,” a famous brazilian aerial squad, on You Tube.

Below is the colored rice in the colors of the Brazilian flag…

And the kids coloring the flag with the rice.


Nick loves Brazilian music, and so we watched this music clip many times.

That was it for a little taste of Brazil on Independence day.

Stone Soup

Our school year has started at quite a slow pace. Last week we even took the time to make “stone soup.” In fact, our stone soup had no stones at all, but lots of fresh vegetables.

It just so happened that we read the book Stone Soup during circle time, and Nic got really excited about the idea of making soup. Soon we were in Dani’s backyard play kitchen washing and cutting vegetables, gathering herbs, seasoning and making soup.

Cooking is a great practical life activity. 

I sure believe it is about time for my 8 year old to learn how to cut carrots and peel potatoes…

It would have been wonderful if they had actually eaten the soup, but they didn’t! Dani just gave it a try and ate some of the potatoes… The soup tasted good, though, and me and my husband ate quite a lof of it

 Well, at least they had a great time and we all enjoyed having dinner outside in our backyard … We even had a little fire in our fire pit…  After dinner, we roasted some marshmallows! It turned out to be an extra-ordinary kind of evening! I think we should cook more often…

Montessori Birthday Celebration

We’ve started our new school year celebrating Dani’s birthday Montessori style. The Montessori Birthday Celebration is a ritual where the child, holding a globe representing the earth, walks around the sun (a candle symbolizing the sun is placed in the center of the classroom). As the earth revolves around the sun and the child gets older, the parent shows the classmates pictures of her during each age period. The parent also talks about interesting facts or memories of the child. It goes like that until the rotations are complete and the child is in the present age. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any good pictures of our Montessori birthday celebration, but I want to publish some pictures of Dani’s timeline.

The timeline starts with Dani still in mommy’s tummy.

Here is Dani, the day she was born, still at the hospital…

… At about 1 year old.

… At age 2…

Just before turning 3 …

… and today, at age 4.


As an extension for this activity, I intend to sit down with her and help her design the timeline herself in a long sheet of paper. This will help her with sequencing events and with the understanding of passage of time.