Number Rods

Instead of buying the number rods, I decided to buy the wood at the lumberyard and make my own. The whole process took a few days, and I spent almost the same amount of money  I would have spent if I had bought them from an online store. Nevertheless, I enjoyed making them, and I am pleased with the results.

Below are all the steps it took me to make the rods.

Here is the finished product…

The number rods is just a wonderful material. It is used to teach counting, addition, and number/quantity association. Dani really likes working with them.



Adventure Playground

Last week we went to a place called Adventure Playground. This is a place where city dwelling kids have the opportunity to play with mud and get really dirty. They also play engineering and use their creativity to build structures out of lumber and old tires. Nico had so much fun building, rafting and going down the mud slide… There are only two Adventure Playgrounds in the US, and we’re fortunate to have one close to us. Check out the pics and video below.

Birthday countdown

Dani is turning four in a few days and I took the opportunity to make her a birthday countdown. I saw this egg carton countdown at Family Fun. I placed a couple of jellybeans inside each egg pocket. I felt a little guilty for giving her candy, but I didn’t have time to look for something else. She absolutely understood the purpose of the countdown and was delighted about getting candy. Just look at her face!