Summer so far has been nice and hot here in Southern California. The temperature has been around the 80s. We’ve been putting our knowledge of sun protection to the test, using lots of sunscreen and avoiding the midday sun when possible. We signed up for a swim and tennis club nearby, and the kids have been going to their pool a lot. Below, some pictures of the club. It is really beautiful over there.



The kids have also had lots of fun in the backyard, both alone and with their cousins and friends.

Our little backyard pool could hardly withstand all the jumping …

Below, Nico and Dani playing a matchbox game. They were supposed to fill the matchbox with all sorts of small things they found in the backyard. Whoever managed to fit more things inside the matchbox won the game.


Capturing and releasing bugs has been a very interesting activity … We take the time to look at them up close and we are often amazed by some of their peculiar features and behavior.



Dani loves making and decorating pies…




… and she also enjoys having dollies, stuffed animals, and friends over for an adorable outdoor tea party!



There is much more fun going on this summer, but I’ll post about them another day!

Have a great summer everyone!