From seed to flower…

Last spring Dani and Nico planted some seeds. The seeds grew into seedlings and we found a nice spot for them  in our backyard. As they grew into plants, the kids observed their growth. Below, Dani is standing against one of the plants, just realizing it’s now taller than she is. Wow, it’s much taller now!… Continue reading From seed to flower…


Summer so far has been nice and hot here in Southern California. The temperature has been around the 80s. We’ve been putting our knowledge of sun protection to the test, using lots of sunscreen and avoiding the midday sun when possible. We signed up for a swim and tennis club nearby, and the kids have… Continue reading Summer

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Richard Nixon’s Museum

Richard Nixon was the only president born in California. As a matter of fact, his birthplace is just a few miles away from where we live. It is now a museum. We went to visit the museum a couple of weeks ago. Below is the house where Nixon was born. In the entrance hall, the… Continue reading Richard Nixon’s Museum