Butterfly life cycle

We went to the Environmental Nature Center and we came inside the newly renovated butterfly house. It was such a nice experience to observe the whole life cycle of a butterfly… I was able to take pictures of the caterpillars, the chrysalises, and of some butterflies.

At home, the next day, Dani and I worked on a butterfly life cycle activity. I saw this activity on this site. Dani was able to learn the nomenclature and understand the different stages of the butterfly life cycle. I guess she really absorbed the whole thing because, the following day, she was describing the cycle to her dad. This was great!



  1. Hi,
    First let me thank you for supporting my website.

    Now, may I use the pictures of the monarch butterflies and the butterfly craft on my website. If so, what credit line do you wish me to give? Do you want the pictures linked to this
    butterfly-life cycle page? https://www.berrynature.com/2011/05/29/butterfly-life-cycle/

    I will be working with friends this summer creating science fun investigation boxes. I would love to have your input. If you are interested let me know–no commitment–no fees–just fun times sharing science ideas. Note: Please feel free to invite others to join this Science Sharing Group.

  2. Janice, thank you so much. I’m certainly interested on the Science Sharing Group. I have a few of your science books, and I was very happy to discover your website. Lots of cool activities… I’ll be glad if you credit/link to my site.

  3. Naynara, I love what you have done, so creative. You have really taken a passion to homeschooling and that is wonderful and amazing. I love your pictures and the activities you do with your children. This is sooo impressive. Congratulations, you are a great homeschooling mother. I wish I possess some of your creativity:) Nicole

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