Butterfly life cycle

We went to the Environmental Nature Center and we came inside the newly renovated butterfly house. It was such a nice experience to observe the whole life cycle of a butterfly… I was able to take pictures of the caterpillars, the chrysalises, and of some butterflies.

At home, the next day, Dani and I worked on a butterfly life cycle activity. I saw this activity on this site. Dani was able to learn the nomenclature and understand the different stages of the butterfly life cycle. I guess she really absorbed the whole thing because, the following day, she was describing the cycle to her dad. This was great!


Birds and butterflies

A few craft activities we’ve done this spring:

The simple clothespin and coffee filter butterflies… and the same craft with a new twist.


Nico decided to make a bird instead.  Aren’t they cute?


We ended up turning them into a birds and butterflies mobile. It is hanging in our classroom. We’ve been watching and talking so much about birds and butterflies lately, that it all made sense.