UV Rays

This is a very fun, easy way to teach kids about the ultraviolet rays of the sun and about the need for sun protection. To do the experiment, you need  UV beads, and 3 different types of sunscreen. Afterwards, you can let them use the beads to make some bracelets. Very practical and informative! Showing the… Continue reading UV Rays

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Learning about birds

We have a couple of house finches who built a nest right above our kitchen window. We’ve been watching them since, and I took the chance to talk to Dani about birds. I got this idea of building a bird nest using a lunch paper bag from Family Fun magazine. It ended up being a… Continue reading Learning about birds


The first signs of spring are everywhere! Peach tree blossoms in our backyard… Our budding fig tree…   Baby pine cones in our backyard pine tree…   … and apple blossoms in our cousin’s front yard. Below, some pictures taken during our early spring walk at the Environmental Nature Center.   I love the California… Continue reading Spring