Looking for gold…

Larry, the Leprechaun came to our yard at St. Patrick’s day, leaving a trail of gold! Dani spent a good time following the Leprechaun’s trail and ended up with her bowl full of gold! She carried her gold around inside her backpack for a couple of days. She was delighted! Counting the gold…   …… Continue reading Looking for gold…


I was very surprised the other day when Dani asked me to do Yoga. Usually, when we do yoga, she quickly gets tired of it and starts fussing around. This time, she took her mat and the Yoga Pretzels cards and really got into it. I was busy in the kitchen, so I didn’t join… Continue reading Yoga

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This month of March is going so fast! It seems like yesterday ¬†we talked about it. We talk about the months and holidays at the beginning of each month. I took a picture of some of the materials I used in my presentation. The idea of adding some visuals worked out pretty well, specially for… Continue reading March