From seed to flower…

Last spring Dani and Nico planted some seeds.

The seeds grew into seedlings and we found a nice spot for them  in our backyard. As they grew into plants, the kids observed their growth.

Below, Dani is standing against one of the plants, just realizing it’s now taller than she is.

Wow, it’s much taller now!

A few days later, the plants were about 7 feet tall and the flowers began to bloom.

And after we got to see this beautiful flower unfolding in our own backyard, we decided to make our own.

Here is Dani holding her craft sunflower she cut from a paper plate.

Planting sunflowers was indeed a very engaging activity and a great lesson on plant growth. I intend to follow up with a lesson on the sunflower life cycle.

Messy science

It was a beautiful, warm, spring day here in California, and I decided to let the kiddos have some fun outdoors. After playing briefly with some water balloons, they got to work in this very practical and sensorial activity.

They began their experiments with some shaving cream …


Shaving cream fun

Then, they began mixing different things: ice with food coloring, and salt; water, food coloring, and oil; lentils, cereal and dirt; tang, water, sugar, and vinegar… and so on… They also made some “lava” and had our old volcano explode…

And so, sometimes it doesn’t take much to make kids happy! Just give them some household items and some mixing bowls, and voilá! One full hour of entertainment.

Nico told me this was one of his best days ever!

Afterwards, they both had to take an early shower, and I had to clean up everything! But it was all well worth it!

Butterfly life cycle

We went to the Environmental Nature Center and we came inside the newly renovated butterfly house. It was such a nice experience to observe the whole life cycle of a butterfly… I was able to take pictures of the caterpillars, the chrysalises, and of some butterflies.

At home, the next day, Dani and I worked on a butterfly life cycle activity. I saw this activity on this site. Dani was able to learn the nomenclature and understand the different stages of the butterfly life cycle. I guess she really absorbed the whole thing because, the following day, she was describing the cycle to her dad. This was great!