The horse project

It was March last year when we worked on the horse project together with a few other kids at our 4H club meeting. The whole experience was so interesting that I wanted to post about it, even though time has gone by so fast, and so many things happened since then. I got the horses¬†template¬† and instructions from the website of artist Ann Wood. The horses are made out of thin cardboard, like the one in a cereal box. I painted the cardboard horses in solid base colors, and the kids added other colors and design elements to them. I provided the kids with paint, decorative paper, gems, trims, feathers, buttons, stamps, stencils, and a few other collage materials. The kids got really creative…

Here some of my favorite horses:

At home, before the meeting, Dan painted her dotted horses. Like some of the other kids, she painted quite a handful of horses.

Below, the horses on the wall, decorating our 4H booth.

We are very grateful to Ann Wood for sharing her project and template.


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