The Beauty of Spring

I almost cannot believe today is the first day of summer! I like the fact that it has gotten much warmer the last few days, but nevertheless I really love spring and I wished it stayed at least another month. Spring is that time of the year when I feel most inspired and when the love of everything nature blooms into my heart. Because of that, me and the kiddos spend a lot of time outdoors observing the changes in the natural world around us…

This spring was fun. We did some gardening, bird watching, raised silkworms, and many other things. Below, some memorable springtime moments:

The Amarilis Dani and Nico planted last year rebloomed this year. Dani was delighted when she woke up one morning and saw the beautiful flowers.

A few days later, Dani planted acidanthera bulbs. Together we also planted sunflower seeds, impatiens, tomatoes, and a small herb garden.

Me and Dani also made a fairy house. We were very inspired by some books we read and by the latest Tinkerbell movie, Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue.

Easter was very special because our cousins Karina and Annelise joined us for an afternoon of Easter eggs dying.

Cody, our golden retriever, grew quite  a lot this spring (about 30 pounds.) Nico is sure his best buddy and they still spend quite a lot time together indoors and outdoors playing and playing…

We celebrated Children’s Day by hanging our Japanese koi kites in front of our house. Nico’s one was purchased from Ebay, but Dani made her own, with some help from mommy, from a paper bag.

Finally, we watched a couple of house finches build their nest right outside our kitchen window. We managed to protect it from the crows by placing a scarecrow in our front yard, below the nest.

The mama bird laid her eggs and four cute little birds were born a few weeks later. Watch the short video below to see mama bird feeding her babies.

Before we knew, the baby birds were ready to fly. Unfortunately, we didn’t see their first flight. We just saw some commotion the day they flew, but we only realized they were gone the day after. Anyways, we missed watching the birds, but we were very, very happy that they all made it this time.

This is it for our spring this year. Now, with the summer ahead of us, we look forward to do so many cool things… God willing!






Here me again posting about silkworms. This is probably my final post this year, since I decided to discard most of the eggs and keep only a few of them refrigerated for next year.

In this final stage of our own silkworm story, Dani decided to count the cocoons. They were thirteen total.

Afterwards, together with Nico, she soaked some of them in hot water.

It was easy to unwind them, though not in a single thread, of course. Since all our moths came out of their cocoons, the thread got damaged in the process.

Finally, after reading some more silkworm stories, Dani and Nico played with some silk cloths and scarves. Dani loved the texture of the silk! She decided to wrap the scarf around herself . She wore it all morning. Nico took a long silk cloth and used it as a cloak. They had quite a lot of fun!

And, just if you were wondering about the moths, they laid eggs for about a week and slowly began to die. They lasted much longer than 4 days, though. Some of them survived for almost two weeks! In fact, one of them, Rosie, a late bloomer, is still alive. We are waiting for her to die anytime and then close this chapter on silkworms. Until next year…we hope. We’ll see …

Silkworm moths

This week all the silkworms, except one, came out of their cocoons. They’ve been mating and laying hundreds of eggs since then. We’ve been watching them in wonder…

Since their life span is really short, they really don’t waste any time… As soon as they get out of their cocoons, they look for their mate.

The moths are born without a mouth, so they die within a week.

It takes about ten days for the eggs to hatch. We are planning on keeping some eggs and observe the silkworm life cycle once more, now from its earliest stage.

Also, this time around, we’ll try unwinding the cocoons to make some silk threads. We’ll see how far we can go with that…

The worse part of raising silkworms, in my opinion, is having to drive to the park to harvest the leaves. For us, it is a half hour drive. Nevertheless, the Irvine Regional Park is very beautiful and worth the visit. My kids enjoy their zoo and the train ride, and they spend a lot of time running around and exercising.

Well, I think it is great that Dani and Nico still show interest in the silkworms. Dani even told me she can’t wait to hold them again. They definitely enjoy having silkworms as a pet.